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Ch-ch-check Your Faboosh

E-Mail, Sent Wednesday Morning
on computer
To: [FH Pride Members list]
From: Petra West
Subject: Today's Meeting/Fashion Show!

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((Aforementioned room post will be going up after I sleep, omg.))
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Room 511, Monday Evening
listening to you pleasant
Petra had decided this situation was worth an emergency call to her doctor, and was now pacing the floor of her room as she waited for her to pick up...finally.

"Yeah, hi," she said with no preamble, "This is Petra West. I think there's something wrong with my meds or something? Because I am turned on all the time. For like three days now." Sometimes there was no point in beating around the bush. "...no, I haven't experienced any other side effects. No, not that. Or that. Or that, either. Just the libido thing." The voice on the other end suggested she come in for a check-up and they'd do some blood work. The only problem was, her doctor was in Rhode Island, and even on a referral Petra wasn't really sure she was comfortable popping into some random doctor in Maryland's with this kind of problem. Especially since it was enough like getting blood from a stone to get her family's insurance to pay her current doctor. And the soonest she could get her in was next Tuesday, anyway, though she suggested changing the dosage of two of her medications to see if that helped.

Petra sighed, rubbing at her forehead, and said, "Okay, book me in, and I'll try to get a train ticket." There went her next week's paycheck, she thought, plus she would have to cancel her spring break plans. "And if it stops happening I can cancel, I guess. And...I'll try that. Thanks. Bye." She hung up and flopped back on her bed.

From this vantage point she had a great view of her Captains Bodacious poster. Sinjin was shirtless in it. And wearing tight pants. "Dammit," she said.

((Open door and post are open!))

Room 511, Friday Afternoon
being pretty and thinky
Was it a bit...warm in here today? Maybe the heater was broken. Or maybe the teacup dragons were up to something. Petra brushed off such concerns in favor of clearing her desk of all other endeavors so she could get to work finishing the sewing on her dress for the Valentine's Day dance. No, she didn't have a date, but whatever, that didn't mean she couldn't show up and look fantastic, right?

((Open door, open post!))

Room 511, Sunday Afternoon
an even bigger chocolate bar for me?
Petra had gotten up early Sunday morning and set off with a Google Map and an optimistic spirit to walk to the mainland--specifically, the Lexington Park Target. She'd gotten there just before the store opened, which was why she'd returned victorious, with an armful of clothes.

She was also now firmly convinced she needed a bike.

She'd collapsed back into bed when she got back and slept for a few more hours, but now she was awake and admiring her haul, spread out across her bed, as she got ready for that evening's play rehearsal by blasting "Time Warp" from her laptop's speakers.

((Open door, open post!))

OOC: Forced Unwilling Hiatus
about to start yelling
So by now you've probably seen the comment redesign. If you haven't, go look. I'll wait.


Okay, so. Since it went live, I cannot comment. The 'post new comment' button literally does nothing when I click it. As does the icon selection button, which I hear is a disaster anyway.

Without comments, I don't see how I can possibly RP. So I'm on unwilling hiatus until this gets fixed. I'm hoping that happens quickly. If it doesn't...I don't know what I'll do. Cry a lot, probably.

I love all y'all. Here's hoping it at least lets me post this...

EDIT: Just so everyone knows, this workaround does work. Obviously it's not ideal, but it works and I can comment again.

Room 511, Monday Morning
Petra was almost ready to head out to catch her train to Providence, and she hoped Dany was, too. She had given thought to the portal thing, because of the dragons, but she totally didn't trust them after everything recently. And air travel was right out both due to cost and the dragons. Technically Amtrak should have been too, but shhhh. All she had left to do was go over her stuff to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. "Christmas presents are packed," she mumbled to herself, "laptop's packed and my knitting's in the laptop case, meds are in Holly Go-Overnightly with my makeup..." she unzipped the overnight case to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. Everything was there, including her toothbrush. And she was pretty sure she'd planned her clothes well, plus she had winter clothes left at home she was planning on bringing back with her in a second suitcase. Still, she had room left, which made her feel like she'd forgotten something. Like, a lot of space. She could probably fit more clothes and another pair of shoes in there.

Oh, that reminded her! Her new shoes! Petra turned toward the closet to get them and saw...a fruitcake sitting on her desk. She'd left the door open, so she supposed someone could have dropped it off, but there wasn't a tag on it, and also, why? But she shrugged and packed it into her bag. Maybe her parents would need a regift available.

Then she opened her closet to get the boots (and her coat to wear on the trip) and found another fruitcake sitting on the closet floor. "Okaaaaaaaay," she said slowly, looking around for a possible culprit. "Very funny!" She sounded unsure of that.

((Open door, open post! Petra's heading out for the holidays! Obviously I'll be going to bed soonish, but I'll be around in the morning!))

E-Mail, Sent Tuesday Afternoon
omgyay smile
To: FH Student Body
From: Petra West
Subject: I'm Throwing My Own Birthday Party & I Don't Care If You Think That's Tacky

Hi, everyone!

Soooo, yeah, what it says in the subject. I'm turning seventeen on Thursday, and I'm throwing myself a party! It will be on the sixth floor of the dorms, because come on, there's a ball pit, Thursday evening from, say, sevenish to whenever we get tired and go back to our rooms, and you don't have to bring presents or anything if you don't want to! You don't even have to know me, I totally don't care. Just come and have some cake and some fun.

See you there!

((Open to e-mailed replies.))

Room 511, Tuesday Evening
Petra looks wry
The part where her roommate was a dragon and Petra was now responsible for four teacup dragons had thrown her a little off-schedule, and she was only now getting around to designing and printing fliers announcing the planned door-decorating contest. She had originally intended to glitter them up to attract notice before posting, but with the dragon situation, she thought that was a little overoptimistic. Right now, she was just hoping that the dragons wouldn't set her fliers on fire before she could post them, and that, while she was out posting them, that they wouldn't destroy anything.

Okay, they weren't that bad, but leaving them alone made her a little nervous. There were four of them. And they listened to Daenerys way better than they listened to her, she swore. "I'm doing my best here, I hope you know that," she told the dragons.

((Mostly for one of the dragons. No, not that one, the other one. Door closed but knockable, though!))

Room 511, Monday Afternoon
listening to you pleasant
After her class with the teachers of UST-for-great-justice, Petra had gone back to her room, missing her parents and Tiara and feeling kind of low. Since that was completely unproductive, she decided to do something. Sew something, maybe. Or, wait, she had a better idea. Like most of the world, she'd missed out on Missoni for Target, which was tragic, because Target fashion was about as far as her budget extended most of the time. But that was fine, because she was a DIY-er. She'd make her own damn scarf. And then maybe a hat and some armwarmers, too, if she got really excited.

She hauled the box containing yarn and knitting and crocheting stuff out from under her bed and settled down to make critical pattern and color combination decisions. Anyone walking by in the hallway who happened to look in would find Petra sitting on the floor, surrounded by what looked like the scene of a yarn bomb explosion and deep in thought, with this 'Lady Gaga' person Kenzi had introduced her to's music wafting at a respectful-of-her-neighbors volume from her laptop.

((Open door, open post!))

Room 511, Saturday Afternoon
listening to you pleasant
During a lull in the picnic, Petra slipped off to find her room and fire off a quick e-mail to her friends to keep them appraised of the 'I might have accidentally sent myself to an asylum,' situation.

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