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Ch-ch-check Your Faboosh

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Petra West wasthecuteone
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Availability Goal Celebration Dance
Tomorrow morning, at early o'clock, I will be heading off to catch a plane to New York to see my beloved Real Madrid take on AC Milan grumble why did they sell Ibrahimovic grumble in Yankee Stadium! Yes, I am kind of insane. This cannot possibly be news. My flight back is at 6 AM Thursday morning, taking me over into totally insane, but whatever, it was cheapest.

I won't be taking my computer, and I'll be busy most of the time, so...expect radio silence from me until late Thursday or possibly even Friday, after I get home and crash for a while. Assume my kids are around but quiet.

If anyone is interested, the game will be on ESPN2 starting at 8 PM Eastern. My seat is in a section behind one of the goals. I'll be the one with a neon green sign in German that I'm hoping asks Sami Khedira if I can have his jersey.

This availability notice goes for wasthecuteone, dressedinblood, thegodofxbox, chernayavdova, and screwyoumarvel.

Regretting nothingly yours,