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Ch-ch-check Your Faboosh

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Petra West wasthecuteone
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Room 511, Wednesday Afternoon
Petra owned...a lot of makeup. Like a lot. Her collection had been severely damaged by, you know, the whole plane crash thing, but she'd been steadily re-amassing items since then. She also owned a lot of hair stuff, and accessories. So, this afternoon, she'd hauled just about everything out and was ready and enthusiastically willing to help anyone who wanted to tweak their look before the fashion show out. Her side of the room was basically Beauty Wonderland. She hoped it wouldn't bother Dany too much.

She knew this sort of thing really should be done on-site, but she wasn't about to drag everything into town and back, so. Her room it was! She'd take stuff for touch-ups to the community center.

She was trying to decide on her own look. Gold eyeliner was almost a definite yes. She was still undecided about the blue lipstick, though. "Why did I even buy this?" she wondered, examining the tube.

((Open door, open post!))

Knock-knock, knockity-knock on the doorframe, and then Kenzi was there with a array of wigs.

"So, what do you think? Blonde? Red? Pink?"

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"Not blonde," Petra decided first thing. "I kind of like the pink one."

"Hmmmm," Kenzi said, voice pleased. "Let's seeeee." She pulled her hair back and put it under the wig, then had to admit, "There is a good reason I bought it. It's mega-cute. What've you got going?"

Petra held up the blue lipstick. "Trying to figure out why I bought this, and what to do with it now that I have it."

"Oh... kay." Hmm. Kenzi peered closer. "Alien dream girl look? With sparkles or something? Otherwise, I say throw it out. How's it look on you?"

Petra put the lipstick on, then looked at herself in the mirror and concluded, "Yeah no. I mean, it's not...terrible, but it's really not me. Maybe for a costume or something? I don't know if it would work for tonight."

"Naaah, skip it," Kenzi agreed. "Do we know what the costumes they're getting us are? At all?" She looked thoughtful. "And do they include shoes? Our own shoes seem smarter. I don't want to trip."

"No clue," Petra said with a shrug, looking around for something to wipe the lipstick off with. "I'm taking a few pairs just in case. Even if there are shoes, there might not be something I can wear, since my feet are so big."

"Cool." Kenzi bounced, then grinned. "This'll be great. Although, why do the Belgians need money, again?"