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Ch-ch-check Your Faboosh

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Petra West wasthecuteone
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E-Mail, Sent Wednesday Morning
To: [FH Pride Members list]
From: Petra West
Subject: Today's Meeting/Fashion Show!

Hey, guys!

By now you may have seen the flyers (if you haven't, there's a scan attached) around the dorms about the fashion show, and gone, "Wait, we're involved? Since when?" Yeah, that's totally my bad, it was kind of last minute, but anyway, we are! So just come on down to the Community Center tonight and hopefully we'll raise some money for the starving Belgians of World War I. Don't be afraid or shy, remember, it's all for fun and a good cause.

And I mean like even if we make ten bucks that should go a lot further in 1915 money, right?

This afternoon's meeting is canceled, since I figure prep could take a while, but if anyone needs any help with anything outfit- or makeup- or how to walk or whatever-related, I'm in room 511, just drop on by! And if you see any club members you know can't use e-mail or whatever, let them know what's going on, too!

Petra West

((Aforementioned room post will be going up after I sleep, omg.))
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