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Ch-ch-check Your Faboosh

Petra West wasthecuteone
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Room 511, Monday Morning
Petra was almost ready to head out to catch her train to Providence, and she hoped Dany was, too. She had given thought to the portal thing, because of the dragons, but she totally didn't trust them after everything recently. And air travel was right out both due to cost and the dragons. Technically Amtrak should have been too, but shhhh. All she had left to do was go over her stuff to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. "Christmas presents are packed," she mumbled to herself, "laptop's packed and my knitting's in the laptop case, meds are in Holly Go-Overnightly with my makeup..." she unzipped the overnight case to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. Everything was there, including her toothbrush. And she was pretty sure she'd planned her clothes well, plus she had winter clothes left at home she was planning on bringing back with her in a second suitcase. Still, she had room left, which made her feel like she'd forgotten something. Like, a lot of space. She could probably fit more clothes and another pair of shoes in there.

Oh, that reminded her! Her new shoes! Petra turned toward the closet to get them and saw...a fruitcake sitting on her desk. She'd left the door open, so she supposed someone could have dropped it off, but there wasn't a tag on it, and also, why? But she shrugged and packed it into her bag. Maybe her parents would need a regift available.

Then she opened her closet to get the boots (and her coat to wear on the trip) and found another fruitcake sitting on the closet floor. "Okaaaaaaaay," she said slowly, looking around for a possible culprit. "Very funny!" She sounded unsure of that.

((Open door, open post! Petra's heading out for the holidays! Obviously I'll be going to bed soonish, but I'll be around in the morning!))