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Ch-ch-check Your Faboosh

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Petra West wasthecuteone
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E-Mail, Sent Tuesday Afternoon
To: FH Student Body
From: Petra West
Subject: I'm Throwing My Own Birthday Party & I Don't Care If You Think That's Tacky

Hi, everyone!

Soooo, yeah, what it says in the subject. I'm turning seventeen on Thursday, and I'm throwing myself a party! It will be on the sixth floor of the dorms, because come on, there's a ball pit, Thursday evening from, say, sevenish to whenever we get tired and go back to our rooms, and you don't have to bring presents or anything if you don't want to! You don't even have to know me, I totally don't care. Just come and have some cake and some fun.

See you there!

((Open to e-mailed replies.))