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Ch-ch-check Your Faboosh

listening to you pleasant
Petra West wasthecuteone
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Room 511, Saturday Afternoon
During a lull in the picnic, Petra slipped off to find her room and fire off a quick e-mail to her friends to keep them appraised of the 'I might have accidentally sent myself to an asylum,' situation.

TO: [Teen Dreamers: Adina Greenberg (a.greenberg@gmail.com), Brittani Slocum (thirdnipplesarecool@gmail.com), Jennifer Huberman (flintavenger@gmail.com), Mary Lou Novak (wildgirlatsea@gmail.com), Miss Arkansas (caitlin9214@gmail.com), Miss Montana (caitlin2394@gmail.com), Miss New Mexico (trayheadcaitlin@gmail.com), Miss Ohio (caitlin8094@gmail.com), Nicole Ade (futuredocnicole@gmail.com), Shanti Singh (dj_shantishanti@gmail.com), Sosie Simmons (helenkellerbrator@gmail.com), Tiara Destiny Swan (tiaradestiny@gmail.com)]
FROM: Petra West (petra.west@fandomhigh.edu)
SUBJECT: oops I'm in crazytown

Okay so MAYBE I didn't read the brochure closely enough? Tell me what you guys think.

Girl I met at airport thinks she's Lucrezia Borgia. Like, she told me she's the pope's daughter and then I saw her name on the roommate list as LUCREZIA FREAKING BORGIA. She seems really nice; has not tried to poison me. Yet. I think.
Bus driver thinks he's Hercules. Like. The mythical one. For real.
Other girl thinks she's a princess? Might actually be one but I can't find "Daventry" on a map. (For real I Googled). But she seems really nice too.
Also she thinks magic and vampires are real. Everyone knows Hot Vampire Boyz were wearing fake fangs. Ugh. So cheap and tacky.
People keep talking about alternate universes.
Think I hallucinated a pink talking pony. No mind berries in sight. Other people saw it too. Break with reality or most complicated hazing ever? Tune in tomorrow.
--Also hallucinated like, three teacup dragons? They belong to my roommate.

No one here has heard of JT Woodland
--OR Boyz Will B Boyz
--OR the plane crash
--OR the pageant
No giant snakes
Dorms are nice
Food is good
People seem friendly
Some people seem sane? Could be well-medicated. Could also be the most super-delusional ones I should watch out for lest they kill me in my sleep? And they all swear it's all real.
No doctors. If it was an asylum wouldn't there be some people who don't appear to be inmates?

This girl named Kenzi was selling 'Gremlin Repellent' but I think she was just running a scam.

IDK YOU GUYS WHAT DO I DO? Stay or make a run for it? Think they'll try to stop me if I leave?

What is it with me and crazy islands,

She was Googling possible alternate spellings of 'Daventry' when a reply came through:

TO: Petra West (petra.west@fandomhigh.edu)
FROM: Mary Lou Novak (wildgirlatsea@gmail.com)
SUBJECT: RE: oops I'm in crazytown

We're in the South Pacific right now but if you need us to come get you we'll sail on over. And if I don't hear from you in a week I'm coming to get you anyway.

Pirate Queen Josephine (Mary Lou)

Greatly reassured, Petra closed her laptop back up and headed back outside.

((Mostly establishy, but if anyone's in the dorms and wants to catch Petra in her room she left the door ajar!))