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Ch-ch-check Your Faboosh

Petra's Apartment, LA, Sunday Afternoon
b&w biting pearls
"D'ye think you have enough pearls on, love?" Petra shot the other occupant of her couch a Look, and Sinjin said quickly, "Right, silly question."

"Shh," she told him. "It's starting." Sure, today they might be watching from Petra's curbside rescue couch in her shoebox of an apartment, but one day...one day. And dressing up, complete with what would have been too many pearls if there was such a thing as too many pearls, red lipstick, and heels to watch the Oscars from said curbside rescue couch and nibble on snacks with her boyfriend--who just so happened to have business in LA this week related to his fledgling music studio, lucky Petra--might be a bit silly, but it kept her from worrying about how slowly the wheels of legal action that might finally get her some money seemed to turn. "This is the life, right here," she declared.

Her British boyfriend was even over twenty-one, so she'd sent him out for champagne, making tonight even better.

((Open for calls, texts, etc.))

The West Residence, Providence, Rhode Island, Saturday Morning
you are pissing me off
Petra was well and truly asleep when her phone started ringing. She grabbed it without looking, and, also without opening her eyes, accepted the call and brought it to her ear. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Adina Greenberg, not impressed, told her, "It's like ten. They want to settle."

Petra was awake now.Collapse )

OOC: Availability Tarantella
omgyay smile
Hoping LJ cooperates until I get this posted...

Sooooooo tomorrow morning I am leaving on a jet plane for Italy! For a week! And the schedule is pretty jam-packed so I probably will not be around much at all. The hotels have wifi so I'll try to ping into things, and of course get Petra's class up (Steve's is covered because I'll be very busy indeed Monday), but other than that, probably not so much. I should be back next Monday, maaaaaaaaaaybe Tuesday if jet lag bites my ass. Love you guys, and I'll try to eat your share of the gelato.

Call for TAs!
neutral bit of a smile
I need at least two TAs, actually, one for Steve and one for Petra, especially since I'm going to be in Italy for the first week of classes, so my availability will be not so much. Please comment below with which class if you're interested! Comments are screened. Priority will be given to new alumni, etc., etc., y'all pretty much know how this goes.

Room 511, Saturday Evening
on computer
Today, Petra West turned eighteen. She should have been attending, or perhaps throwing herself, the biggest, most fantastic party this island had ever seen. Probably she would have been wearing a tiara, to go with her fabulous tinsel boa. But Petra had been approaching this date with a bit of foreboding, and didn't really feel like celebrating.

Today, she was eligible for her surgery, if she had a whole bunch more cash ready to hand and the medical system in this country wasn't completely fucked up.

So Petra was...not exactly sulking, but not in the mood to really celebrate, either. Her suitcase was open on her bed as she packed for her trip home for the holidays, but she'd gotten as far as piling clothes and wrapped presents around it to figure out how to jam in there later before she abandoned the endeavor in favor of going over her budget on her computer one more time, crunching the numbers on how far she had to go and how long it was going to take to get there.

Okay, maybe she was sort of sulking.

((I couldn't let Petra's eighteenth go completely unmarked, even if I'm not up to dealing with a party. Open door, open post!))

OOC: Where the hell have I been?
who decided boots don't need toes?
I am sure some of you have noticed that I have not been around much...uh, most of this semester.

Honestly, at first, it was just falling into bad habits. Forgetting to check into classes, not really feeling motivated, that kind of thing. I don't have any excuses, it was just a lull. And then I got some motivation and started trying to fix my bad habits (always hard)...and then things sort of went to hell.

Long story short: my cousin's girlfriend went into the hospital with pre-eclampsia last week, and wound up delivering a one pound, nine ounce baby boy a few days later. He's doing great, but he's still got a loooooooooooong road ahead of him and we're all worried sick and trying to do everything we can to help them out. And now my aunt may have to have emergency major surgery tomorrow if the biopsy comes back with surprise cancer.

So we're all sort of crazy around here.

I want to apologize to everyone for basically not being present, especially the people I told I would do things. I don't see my availability improving in the next few weeks. I may be around spottily, but I can't handle anything major. I hope that will improve by the new year, and I can get back to normal availability then.

Availability Goal Celebration Dance
omgyay smile
Tomorrow morning, at early o'clock, I will be heading off to catch a plane to New York to see my beloved Real Madrid take on AC Milan grumble why did they sell Ibrahimovic grumble in Yankee Stadium! Yes, I am kind of insane. This cannot possibly be news. My flight back is at 6 AM Thursday morning, taking me over into totally insane, but whatever, it was cheapest.

I won't be taking my computer, and I'll be busy most of the time, so...expect radio silence from me until late Thursday or possibly even Friday, after I get home and crash for a while. Assume my kids are around but quiet.

If anyone is interested, the game will be on ESPN2 starting at 8 PM Eastern. My seat is in a section behind one of the goals. I'll be the one with a neon green sign in German that I'm hoping asks Sami Khedira if I can have his jersey.

This availability notice goes for wasthecuteone, dressedinblood, thegodofxbox, chernayavdova, and screwyoumarvel.

Regretting nothingly yours,

OOC: Availability West Coast Swing
omgyay smile
Hey, guys!

..wow, this is much better than the last availability notice I posted. I don't feel like punching anything or crying!

Anyhoodle, tomorrow, June 6, I'm jetting off to California until June 15 to frolic around Sonoma County and the larger Bay Area with my BFF. She has way better internet than me and is a fellow total nerd, so I should be around some, but how much is up in the air. So all of my gang (Petra, Anna, Alex, Natasha, Steve) will be around but quiet.

Yay vacation!

Room 511, After Classes Monday
Petra looks wry
After her exams, Petra went back to her room and took a brief nap before she got herself a pop from the common room--which was why she currently had wings again, whatever, she thought they were cool--and started dragging out her sewing supplies again. She suspected she had a cottage industry on her hands, and had helpfully put a sign she'd printed out outside her door:

Rates Negotiable, Barter Accepted

((Open door, open post!))

Room 511, Wednesday Afternoon
omgyay smile
Petra owned...a lot of makeup. Like a lot. Her collection had been severely damaged by, you know, the whole plane crash thing, but she'd been steadily re-amassing items since then. She also owned a lot of hair stuff, and accessories. So, this afternoon, she'd hauled just about everything out and was ready and enthusiastically willing to help anyone who wanted to tweak their look before the fashion show out. Her side of the room was basically Beauty Wonderland. She hoped it wouldn't bother Dany too much.

She knew this sort of thing really should be done on-site, but she wasn't about to drag everything into town and back, so. Her room it was! She'd take stuff for touch-ups to the community center.

She was trying to decide on her own look. Gold eyeliner was almost a definite yes. She was still undecided about the blue lipstick, though. "Why did I even buy this?" she wondered, examining the tube.

((Open door, open post!))