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b&w biting pearls
Petra West wasthecuteone
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Petra's Apartment, LA, Sunday Afternoon
"D'ye think you have enough pearls on, love?" Petra shot the other occupant of her couch a Look, and Sinjin said quickly, "Right, silly question."

"Shh," she told him. "It's starting." Sure, today they might be watching from Petra's curbside rescue couch in her shoebox of an apartment, but one day. And dressing up, complete with what would have been too many pearls if there was such a thing as too many pearls, red lipstick, and heels to watch the Oscars from said curbside rescue couch and nibble on snacks with her boyfriend--who just so happened to have business in LA this week related to his fledgling music studio, lucky Petra--might be a bit silly, but it kept her from worrying about how slowly the wheels of legal action that might finally get her some money seemed to turn. "This is the life, right here," she declared.

Her British boyfriend was even over twenty-one, so she'd sent him out for champagne, making tonight even better.

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