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Petra West wasthecuteone
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The West Residence, Providence, Rhode Island, Saturday Morning
Petra was well and truly asleep when her phone started ringing. She grabbed it without looking, and, also without opening her eyes, accepted the call and brought it to her ear. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Adina Greenberg, not impressed, told her, "It's like ten. They want to settle."

"I'm listening," Petra said as she sat up. "God, I thought their plan was to drag this out until anything we might get out of it was eaten up by attorney fees."

"Yeah, well, Ladybird Hope's trial is starting soon and I think they want to avoid yet further embarrassment. Where are you? LA, right?"

"Rhode Island," Petra corrected. "I'm visiting my parents."

"Great, if you can make it into New York some time next week the lawyers are trying to put together a meeting so we can all discuss this and agree what to do."

"That shouldn't be a problem," Petra agreed. "It's my mom's birthday on Tuesday, but other than that I'm free and I'll be here for a few weeks."

"I'll call you when I know more, or the lawyers will," Adina told her, and hung up without saying goodbye. That was Adina for you.

Petra flopped back on her bed and stared at her ceiling, trying not to let hope blossom. They wanted to settle.


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