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Room 511, After Classes Monday
After her exams, Petra went back to her room and took a brief nap before she got herself a pop from the common room--which was why she currently had wings again, whatever, she thought they were cool--and started dragging out her sewing supplies again. She suspected she had a cottage industry on her hands, and had helpfully put a sign she'd printed out outside her door:

Rates Negotiable, Barter Accepted

((Open door, open post!))

If Karla hadn't seen Petra today in class, she might have disbelieved the sign, having, you know, actually worn the uniforms in question. Normally, she wouldn't even have cared about the way the uniforms looked but, a) polyester was deuced uncomfortable and whoever invented it should be shot, and b) it was a subtle bit of rebellion towards the school board, which Karla whole-heartedly supported. Even Lady Ghanima wouldn't be able to argue with this!

"Kiss kiss," Karla called into the doorway. "I come bearing uniforms and entreaties."

"Hi!" Petra said, her wings fluttering a little. "Oh, ignore those," she said of them. "They're new, I'm hoping they'll go away again soon. So, what do you want me to do?" She eyed the hem of Karla's skirt. "Shorter skirt?"

"Nooooooo," Karla said, shaking her head quickly. "I asked for a longer skirt. Otherwise my knees would show. Or possibly my thighs."

Feel free to despair at her, Petra. You can join the august ranks of those who do, along with Momoko, Emma, Dinah, and Sookie. And Warren, presumably.

"Could you just make them less...shapeless? And so that I don't feel like I'm trapped in an itchy plastic bag?"

[Feel free to have Petra argue with her about hem lengths and shorter skirts!]

Considering that Petra's skirt was currently showing quite a bit of skin above the knee (especially once one took her height into account; she had a lot of leg), she didn't see what was wrong with that. But she knew everyone had different standards of modesty. However...

"Okay, but here's the thing," she said bluntly. "This thing is polyester. Polyester doesn't breathe. Do you really want to walk around like your legs are in a sauna?"

...Damn you, Petra. Damn you and your logics.

"No." Beat. "But then everyone will see my legs! They'll just be out there! For--looking!"

Karla could wear a corset that pushed her (meager) tits to her chin and be fine with it. Show off her abdomen? Fine! Knees, however? That was just crazy talk!

Kaeleer was a very odd place.

"Yeah, and it's not 1876," Petra told her. "No one will care. Or at least, no one will care as much as you will, and you gotta not give other people's gaze the kind of power over you where you'll let yourself be miserable because God forbid they see your knees," she said sagely.

How was that for logics, Karla?

Oooh. Bringing up the concept of the gaze; Karla had read about that in her readings of feminist theory while she was here.

Well-played, Petra. Well-played.

"It is awfully stuffy under this..." she said, fidgeting. "And uncomfortable...Maybe just one?"

"How about if I just pin it up and let you try it on, and see how much more comfortable it is?" Petra suggested. "Then you can decide for yourself which way you want to go."


"...That sounds like a good idea," Karla agreed slowly. "If it feels too weird and naked, you can always let it back down."

And as soon as Karla felt the fresh air moving on her legs, there would be no question of hemlines. None.

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A little bird had informed Loki of this sign. A very literal little bird at that.

"You are winged," Loki informed her, holding out a neatly folded pile of clothing. "These itch most fiercely. And I wish for them to be fixed to a material that does not melt."

He would also enjoy an ice cream cone. So...

"It's new," Petra agreed. "I think it should go away again soon, it already happened once this morning."

She took the clothes from Loki and told him, "I can't make them be made of a different fabric, but I can line them in cotton so they won't itch."

"It melts," he added once again. In case she hadn't heard. Because using candles for arcane rituals did that sort of thing when wearing polyester.

"Yeah," Petra said, in tones of 'duh.' "It's polyester. Just keep it away from an open flame or the stove or whatever, and you should be fine." See? Not so hard, Loki.

"And if one could not avoid such things?" LOKI, STAY AWAY FROM SURTUR'S REALM, DAMN IT.

"Are you some kind of pyro or something?" Petra asked as she dug around for her measuring tape. "Or, wait, what's that word for people who can set things on fire with their brains? Is it that?" she guessed.


"Then you've got bigger problems than I can help with," Petra had to tell him. "I'm not a magician, I'm just a girl with a sewing machine. I can't make polyester not be polyester."

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Kenzi had already headed up there before even seeing a sign. She could accessorize the hell out of this travesty, but she couldn't make it wearable without serious layers underneath.

"Petraaaaaaa," she pleaded. "I will find you oodles of pretty things and shiny jewelry if you make this okay, in case the scary old people aren't gone tomorrow."

"I can't promise okay, but I can do 'better,'" Petra promised her. "And if you're wanting me to dye it all black I warn you now I'm not very good at it and anyway polyester takes dye like crap."

"Shit. Well. Do what you can." Kenzi flopped down on the floor, grimacing. "Think if I told them I was in mourning for my tragically dead family, they'd let me get away with a black shirt over this hot mess? Or under it?"


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"I can hem it, take it in, and line it in cotton so it won't itch," Petra said. "I could even do something with trim." She eyed Kenzi thoughtfully. "And you can have as many safety pins as you want if you want to trick it out that way. But I'd avoid covering it in black, honestly, that's just gonna make it all hotter."


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"Safety pins. I'll claim poverty and orphan status if they question it," Kenzi grumbled. "Trim, thanks. Damnit. Okay. No black." She made faces at the ceiling. "Next thing they'll want me to go back to my original hair color."


Petra rolled her eyes and said, "Just tell them that is your real hair color. They can't prove anything. I'd lay off the pink wig until they get out of our hair, though."

"True." Kenzi glowered and then jack-in-the-box'd upward. "Are these people even from our reality? I swear one guy was wearing a straw hat this morning. I don't know what kind of normal they're looking for."

"I don't know, that guy from the community center with the letter kind of reminded me of Ladybird Hope," Petra told her. "Which is too scary to even think about. Now how short do you want your skirt?"

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